Stay home!

In other words.
DO NOT leave your house.

This means, don’t take your children or your dogs for a walk down the street or to the park, do not go to the park to play basketball, baseball or tennis with your friends. Absolutely NO golfing.

Do NOT take your dog to the groomers because you just did not have time before but now you do because you do not have to go to work. You see the groomers are closed anyway because they were all told to stay home.

Do NOT go to Home Depot or Lowes to buy the things you need to do chores around the house that you have been putting off for months now because you just did not have time. They won’t be open anyway because they too were told to stay home.

You will be stuck eating at home & making home cooked meals because all your favorite restaurants will be closed not even the drive thru’s will be open so you can’t even place an order from Uber Eats or Postmates. Sorry no McDonald’s or Starbucks and even if you could order there are no delivery drivers anyway, because they are at home too.

You won’t be able to order anything from Amazon or any of your other favorite online places to shop, because the delivery drivers were all told to stay home. Sorry no shopping for you today.

Hopefully you don’t have a yard crew, because your yard is not going to get done now, because they too were told to stay home. Your swimming pool is going to get really nasty dirty because there is now nobody to come clean it because they are all at home.

Let’s hope none of your plumbing goes haywire because well, … that is going to be a stinky situation.

Hopefully all those manufacturers out there who make all those things we rely on, on a daily basis don’t stay home, other wise we will have a house full of dirty dishes, dirty laundry & no soap to bathe with or toothpaste to brush our teeth with. But who will deliver them, if our truck drivers have to stay home.

Hopefully staying home does NOT mean that your children can not play out in their own backyard because well if it does, by now I hope you have an extra dose of patience because you are going to need it.

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