Parentology – "MeWe: The New Social Network That May Put Facebook Out of Business" ðŸ‘

Parentology – “MeWe: The New Social Network That May Put Facebook Out of Business” ðŸ‘

MeWe Friends and Members,

This week I was interviewed by Parentology, a news site about parenting and social media in the digital age. ðŸ‘¨ðŸ‘©ðŸ‘§ðŸ‘¦ ðŸ“±Facebook is NOT a safe place to post pictures of your kids. ðŸš« Remember: FB uses Facial Recognition, and shares/sells everything you post with the whole world. ðŸ˜±

The photos you post of your kids (and anyone ðŸ¤³) on Facebook and Instagram will follow them for the rest of their lives, and can easily be found by their schools, future boyfriends/girlfriends, employers and even the police/government. ðŸ‘®

As I told Parentology, “Social media wasn’t meant to be something where people are objectified as data to track, sell, target, and manipulate. Social networking is for people to stay authentically connected and to find common interests and like-minded people.” ðŸ‘¯â™€

That’s why MeWe is here for you. ðŸ¥³ MeWe is the place where you can safely share pictures of your kids (and yourself) with your family and friends. ðŸ” â¤

You and your kids are protected #OnlyOnMeWe because there is NO Facial Recognition and your data is #Not4Sale to advertisers or marketers. No Ads, No Targeting, NO BS – MeWe is social media done right! ðŸŽ¯

Here’s the link for you to read the article and share it with your family and friends if you’d like:

Let’s MeWe! 🥳🎉🏁

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