Forbes Magazine: “MeWe Offers A More Private Alternative To Facebook” ðŸ‘ðŸ½

Mark Weinstein – Admin

Awesome MeWe Members,

Thanks to YOU, MeWe is growing rapidly and great journalists around the world are taking notice! ðŸ‘€âœï¸

This week, Forbes Magazine published a nice feature about MeWe, writing “MeWe calls itself the ‘Anti-Facebook’ and offers the industry’s first Privacy Bill of Rights offering members control of their data, newsfeeds and overall privacy.” â¤

Here’s the link – hope you enjoy it, and If you have friends, family, colleagues etc. who still use Facebook, please share this with them and let them know there’s a better alternative called MeWe! ðŸ“£

East Asian financial news siteBusiness Times, published this article about MeWe today – “‘Anti-Facebook’ App Offers Own Bill Of Rights to Address Privacy Issues”:

American tech news siteTech Times, published this MeWe article today – “This New ‘Anti-Facebook’ Social Networking Website May Become World’s Number One”:

And German news siteTwittersmash, published this MeWe article today as well – “This New Social Networking Site Against Facebook May Become the Number One Site in the World”:

Let’s MeWe! ðŸ“° ðŸ“¢  

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