A Fine Art America Test

Every Sunday morning Fine Art America sends their artists an email. Weekly Update for Lady Ls Designs.

Each week on Fine Art America, there are thousands of members and visitors who actively participate in our vibrant online community. As one of our members, you’re receiving this weekly update to keep you informed of what’s new on the site and to help you monitor all online activities that pertain to you and your artwork!

So with that I thought it would be fun to see of these 21 designs I am sharing here with you now, what ones you guys like best. What are your top 15!?

Of course once you get to the website & check them out there go ahead & take a look around & see what else you might enjoy.

4 X Four

An Added Twisty

Diamond Ray

Line Up

Springtime Follies

The Busy City

Twisted Ways

8 Little Dots

Bright Flight

Interesting Anyhow

Mango Burst



Waving Hello

A Simple B & W

Daughty Fun

Lady M.

No Rhythm

Take 2602

Twisted Life

Winging It


Visit my FAA shop & leave a comment here to tell me what would be your top 3

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