For your 4 legged friends

Pet Mats, Blankets, and Bandanas are now available

Pet Mats
come in two shapes, a Fish Mat for our feline friends, and a Bone Mat for our canine pals. They feature a 100% polyester face and backing with a 100% polyurethane memory foam core. They’re made from absorbent foam and have a non-skid, non-slip base. Pet Mats are printed with an edge-to-edge, fade-resistant full-color sublimation print on top.

One size – 48.3cm x 35.6cm / 19″ x 14″

Pet Bandanas
come in two sizes to cater to different breeds and neck sizes. They are a triangle-tie shape which makes the bandana easy to tie on, and they fit over an adjustable collar. Pet Bandanas are made from 100% polyester woven fabric with medium to heavy weight and they’re machine washable. They feature edge to edge printing on the top side and solid white on the reverse.

Small – 73.66 x 55.88cms / 20 x 14” (two shorter sides of triangle)
Large – 50.8 x 35.56cms / 29 x 22” (two shorter sides of triangle)

Pet Blankets
come in two sizes, suitable for a range of breeds both cats and dogs. They’re made from machine washable, 100% polyester fleece. The front features edge-to-edge design sublimation print and the reverse is off-white.

Medium – 101 x 76cm / 40” x 30” – suitable for small dogs, puppies, and cats
Large – 152 x 127cm / 60” x 50” – for medium to large dogs

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