Entrepreneur Magazine:

How MeWe is Attracting Millions of Members Worldwide With No Paid Marketing! 

Incredible MeWe Members,

In my recent interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, I discussed how MeWe is achieving rapid global growth and leading the world as the #1 Trending next-gen social network without running ANY paid marketing campaigns.  

“People worldwide are attracted to our platform because it’s fun, uplifting and full-featured. Our members are customers that we aim to serve and delight. They are not data to sell. They are not targets. There are no ads. People love MeWe because we built a good platform.

Other platforms manipulate posts so you don’t see everything that gets posted because they’re marketing companies, so they decide what they think is most important for you to see. MeWe is completely different.

We are the first social network with a Privacy Bill of Rights. You own your data. Your data is your own business. That’s private. It’s a myth that you have to give up your data to have a great social media experience.”

Here is the link to the full article. Share if you’d like with your friends and family!   

Let’s MeWe!  

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