A Pixels Shopping Spree

For me. If any of you would like to help me with the cash part of my medical bill but are not really comfortable with giving to a Go Fund Me account, would you consider doing a little shopping instead.
My store at Pixels.com has so many great products to choose from, you can give your whole house a fun interior face lift.

We carry everything from wall art to shower curtains, beach & bath towels. You can choose from simple and subtle or wild & fun. I have designs for everyone. With over 700 designs you are sure to find one that you love.


I need to have minor surgery, I am having medical problems with my breasts and my insurance is not going to cover the whole bill so I need to come up with $2,400 before May 1st to pay for the part of the bill that insurance won’t cover.

If any of you can do anything to help I would be forever thankful.


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