MeWe where you are NOT for Sale

More on MeWe’s ultra-cool “#Not4Sale” 1-minute video!

MeWe Friends,

To capture the international essence and awesomeness of MeWe, we traveled all over the world filming MeWe’s uplifting 1-minute “#Not4Sale” video. ✈️

From rock-climbing to skate boarding  to work time   to jamming with a band  to throwing parties    celebrating good times with friends and family   , the #Not4Sale video showcases everything MeWe is about! 

As we say in the video:

“This is our time.

We connect with the whole world.

Every idea we’ve shaped, every relationship we’ve cultivated, belongs to us.

Let’s start a revolution. Let’s MeWe!”

Here’s the link to share:

Let’s MeWe! 

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