MeWe Premium members!

Jason Hardy  Happy Wednesday everyone, and a special shout-out to all of our awesome MeWe Premium members! Thank you for your amazing support - this is how we pay for our team and servers to bring you MeWe. 👍 So what exactly is MeWe Premium and why are members loving it? MeWe's pledge to you: No Ads, No... Continue Reading →

PRIVACY ALERT: WhatsApp Will Share Your Data With Facebook

Mark Weinstein Admin 🚨  🚨 WhatsApp - which is owned by Facebook - just announced a new policy that mandates WhatsApp's 2 billion users share their data with Facebook. If WhatsApp users refuse to agree to this then they can no longer use WhatsApp. 👎 This new policy is a complete reversal from Facebook's promise that WhatsApp data would remain "private... Continue Reading →

Social Media and Privacy for USA Military Members

Mark Weinstein  Great Social Media and Privacy for USA Military Members, Their Families, and Veterans: My Interview on the Stars and Stripes Podcast🎙🇺🇸❤ Awesome MeWe Members, I have deep gratitude for the members of the USA military who put their lives on the line worldwide fighting for the freedom and democratic principles we all cherish.... Continue Reading →

Moderation on MeWe – from the CEO

Mark Weinstein Admin  Friends and Members, In the wake of the terrible violence this week at the USA’s Capitol, people are understandably asking about MeWe’s moderation policies. MeWe’s policies have been the same since it launched in 2016. At MeWe, we are committed to providing the best social media experience while keeping our members safe and protected.... Continue Reading →

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok Investigated Over Privacy Concerns

Mark Weinstein  🔍 Hey Everyone, The USA government just announced a major investigation into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, TikTok, and other tech giants. These companies are being investigated for their tracking, collection, and exploitation of their users' personal data. They're also being investigated for how their "privacy practices affect children and teens." 👀😱 These giants are all... Continue Reading →

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