MeWe newbie question

A very “newbie” question, about groups and profiles. from @Brian G.

The question:

Can other folks on MeWe see which groups I am in? If so, will they see only the open groups, or groups which are open and those which require approval to join?

No, people cannot see the groups that you are in just by looking at your profile page either group or personal.

Brian G.
Got it. Makes sense, or at least is consistent with MeWe’s emphasis on privacy.

It’d be nice for folks like me to be able to opt in to making at least some groups visible – – – but this network, and world, isn’t all about me. And a good thing that is.

I have listed all of the groups that I own in the “About Me” part of my personal profile so if people look for me outside of a group and read it they will see them. Then depending on the group I will also have them listed there in my group profile.

Brian G.
Good idea. I’ll take a look, to see what I should or could be looking for in my profile settings. Also to see which groups you own, although I will try to be circumspect in showing interest.

Brian G.
I’ve seen your About Me section – – – nice formatting. I still haven’t discovered how to make and save paragraph breaks in that section, which apparently can be done. Good feature, that.

And displaying links: good idea. I’ll try that.

Write it off site in a word doc. or whatever you use then copy paste.

Brian G.
got it, and done. Thanks!

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