Attention MeWe Members in Los Angeles, California!

A major TV news network has contacted MeWe to film a few MeWe members based in Los Angeles telling their stories “on camera” about deciding to dump Facebook and join MeWe.  They want to hear about your experience feeling victimized by Facebook for collecting and sharing/selling your personal data without your knowledge or approval (their words). 

If this is the reason you decided to ditch Facebook and join MeWe, this is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your story on TV!  If this sounds like you, and you’d like to participate, please send an email to “ 

In your email, please briefly write about how you were personally affected by Facebook sharing/selling your data; when you realized FB was doing this; and your decision to leave FB behind. 

Please only send an email if you are comfortable sharing your personal information with us and being interviewed by the TV network – and be sure to include the following:

How long you have been a MeWe member

If you are selected, we’ll be in touch about next steps. 

Let’s MeWe!   

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