MeWe Stories are Here!

Awesome MeWe Members,

Have a blast sharing fun moments with your friends and family with MeWe’s newest feature: Stories! 😻

Now you can create slideshow Stories of your day that disappear after 24 hours, including photos, videos and GIFs! 😃📸 🤳

Here’s how to create and share your Stories today:
1⃣On Mobile, make sure your MeWe app is updated to the latest version.
2⃣Select “My Story” at the top left corner of your screen.
3⃣Choose or create a new photo, video or GIF.
4⃣Select “Story” at the bottom right corner of your screen.
5⃣Choose to share your Story with your contacts, your Close Friends, or make it public to all MeWe members. 🕺💃

Want to watch Stories from people you know? 👀
On Mobile,📱stories posted by your contacts appear at the top of your home screen.
On Desktop, 🖥stories appear on the right side of your screen, right below “New Posts”.

This is what MeWe is all about – giving you all the fun, awesome features you love, with No Ads, No Targeting and NO BS! 👍

Let’s MeWe! 🥳❤🥂

4 thoughts on “MeWe Stories are Here!

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  1. I am new on MeWe and have just tried the stories feature. Now I’m wondering if I can retrieve stories even after 24 hours. Can’t find an article about it yet though.


    1. Good morning Camille, honestly I have no idea. I will ask on my home page & see if anyone else knows.

      Also, from your home page using the hashtag, #MeWeTips ask that same question & make sure it is set to public so anyone looking can see it & answer you.


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