Tell Your Friends:

Just say NO to Facial Recognition! 🙈🚫

Hi Everyone,

These privacy invasions are getting truly weird and way out of hand. Do you want to live in a world where you are tracked everywhere? CREEPY and a real possibility! That sounds like the end to privacy as we know it. ðŸ‘ŽðŸ½

The “MeWe Salute” is the antidote to facial recognition. ðŸ¥‚

At MeWe, your face is your business. ðŸ˜Ž We do not use facial recognition technology–and we guarantee it right in our Privacy Bill of Rights.📃

That’s what the famous “MeWe Salute” is all about. Your two fingers covering your eyes block facial recognition and protect your privacy! â¤

Tell the people you love to stop posting on those nefarious facial tracking social media sites (Facebook, Insta, Snap, . . . ) and declare “I am #Not4Sale!” ðŸ—½

Let’s MeWe! 👍

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