Staying Safe on MeWe

During COVID-19: Stay Safely Social with Your Loved Ones on MeWe!

Create Private Circles (groups) for Your Family and Friends 👨👩👧👦❤

Awesome MeWe Members,

For many of us, one of the most challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is being physically apart from family, friends, and loved ones. 🧗🏼♀

With all the privacy issues in the headlines everyday about ZOOM and Facebook, this is MeWe’s time to shine for you!

Today is the perfect day to create separate and private MeWe groups for the different circles in your life and get everybody safely social: your friends, family members, workout buddies, neighbors, book clubs, sports teams, common-interest pals, and more – all for FREE of course. 👍

—WAYS TO USE MeWe Private Groups for Friends & Families—

✅Virtually hanging with friends and sharing everything
✅Hanging out with your socially-distanced significant other
✅Sharing with isolated and self-quarantined older friends+grandparents
✅Foodie ideas, cooking, sharing recipes and results
✅Teaching a virtual class
✅Playing with your kids and sharing with friends + relatives
✅Circles of younger children’s parents
✅Sharing photos, books, music and videos with friends

MeWe is for your real life during these uncertain and strange times – for authentic, true communication with the people you know and love, with no ads, marketers or newsfeed manipulation getting in the way. 🚫

Create your private circles on MeWe and stay safely connected, up-to-date, and share the love with people who matter most in your life, wherever they are in the world. 🌎

Let’s MeWe! ❤🎊🏁

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