BRAND NEW: “MeWe Camera” Standalone App

Remarkable MeWe Members,

We just launched a brand new free standalone app called “MeWe Camera” πŸ“Έ in the Apple Store πŸŽ. It gives you a quick and convenient way to create and share your Dual-Camera MeWe’s directly to MeWe AND ALSO to all your other social networks, and anywhere else on the web. βš‘️πŸ₯³

Many of you have been using our new “Dual-Camera MeWe’s” feature (the dual-camera feature works on iPhone XRπŸ“±and newer iPhones) as a unique and uplifting way to create and share all kinds of life moments together on MeWe while social distancing.

What is a “MeWe”? A “MeWe” is your phone recording you talking (“Me”), and what you’re talking about (“We”) at the same time – creating a unique double-view video. πŸ€© πŸ₯ β€Ό

If you want super-quick access to making awesome Dual-Camera MeWe’s, or are a member of other social networks in addition to MeWe and want to share your “MeWe’s” on them (and inspire your friends to join remarkable MeWe:), simply download the FREE **”MeWe Camera”**πŸ“Έ in the Apple Store πŸŽ.

The MeWe Camera app is πŸ’―% FREE and no account or signup is required. Similar to the dual-camera feature inside MeWe, Dual-Camera MeWe’s on the MeWe Camera can be created with Phone XR and newer, and shared/viewed on all devices and platforms (iOS, Android and desktop). πŸ‘

Here’s the link to download the MeWe Camera app in the Apple Store and share with your family and friends wherever they are! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Here’s the press release announcing the MeWe Camera πŸ“°

Thanks for being awesome MeWe members. We are all one big, global family here on MeWe, enjoying many different backgrounds and opinions of course!πŸ™‚

As we get through these challenging times, MeWe engineers are working hard (and virtually:) to give us more ways to connect with trust, control, and LOVE. β€

No Ads. No Targeting. No Newsfeed Manipulation. NO BS.


Let’s MeWe!Β πŸŽ‰πŸŒπŸ‘

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