MeWe Groups for High School and College Teachers:

Mark Weinstein – Admin

MeWe Groups for High School and College Teachers:
Perfect for Distance Learning! 🍎

Remarkable MeWe Members,

As schools and classrooms are closed during this time of social distancing, MeWe is here to help teachers around the world connect online with their students, complementing whatever group video chats you are using. 👩🏫🖥

Private MeWe Groups are a terrific and 💯% FREE way for teachers to create virtual classrooms where they can teach their students with helpful tools that make distance learning fun and engaging.👍

Your students will:
🔹See every post you make in timeline order
🔹Have their privacy and data completely protected
🔹Not see any ads whatsoever

–Awesome Features for Teachers–
✅Easily share files and course material with your students
✅Schedule deadlines and important dates using the Group Events Calendar
✅Give students a fun way to communicate and collaborate with Group Chat
✅Organize various class topics using Group Tagging
✅Create multiple groups for different courses or subjects
✅Enjoy fun and helpful features such as polls, videos, voice messages, Dual-Camera MeWe’s, and more!

To Get Started: Simply create a new MeWe Group, then set your group to be private and invitation-only. You can create specific permissions for all your students regarding sharing, posting, what they can see, etc. You can also add as many Admins as you’d like to help manage your group.

Thank you to all the teachers out there for the incredibly important work you do, especially during these challenging times. If you know a teacher, let them know about MeWe! 🙏

Remember: MeWe members must be age 16 or older, so Private MeWe Groups are perfect for teaching high school, college, adult education, etc. 👨🎓👩🎓

Let’s MeWe! 🎉🙌❤

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