Warning: TikTok is a Major Privacy Threat

Hi Everyone,

Recently, there has been a deluge of news about TikTok and the privacy risks it poses. ðŸ˜± Last week, the USA Justice Department began looking into serious allegations that TikTok violated the privacy of childrenhttps://www.reuters.com/article/us-tiktok-privacy-children-exclusive-idUSKBN248373

India banned TikTok from its country 2 weeks ago, and the USA government is now considering banning TikTok as well.

So just how serious of a threat is TikTok? ðŸ¤”

TikTok has the same Surveillance Capitalism business model as Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and all the current mainstream social networks. ðŸ¤– Just like these other social media giants, TikTok tracks everything its users do, targets and manipulates their emotions and purchase decisions, and shares its users’ personal data with advertisers, marketers, politicians, and anyone else who wishes to pay to target its users.👎

Even worse, TikTok is closely linked to the Chinese government and has been accused of being pre-installed with “Chinese surveillance software.” Yikes! ðŸ˜± https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/tiktok-china-data-privacy-lawsuit-bytedance-a9230426.html

TikTok has also been shown to censor content that would anger the Chinese government. ðŸ¤ https://www.businessinsider.com/internal-guidelines-show-tiktok-censors-videos-that-would-anger-china-2019-9

If you have friends and family who use TikTok, now is a good time to let them know that their privacy is at risk! ðŸ™€ ðŸ”

Let’s MeWe! ðŸ¤ â¤ðŸ”
No Ads. No Targeting. No Info for Chinese Gov’t. NO BS! ðŸ‘ ðŸŽ¯ ðŸ“£

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