$500 Billion Lawsuit

Mark Weinstein Admin

Instagram Could Face Up to $500 Billion in Lawsuit for Illegally Harvesting Facial Recognition Data 😱

Hi Everyone,

Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has just been accused of illegally harvesting people’s facial recognition data without their knowledge or consent in a new class-action lawsuit. Yikes! 

Just like FB, Instagram has a face-tagging feature that uses facial recognition to identify people, and then stores their facial data in its database. Instagram is accused of automatically scanning the faces of people pictured in other users’ posts, even if they don’t use Instagram and didn’t agree to the terms of service. 👎

The class-action lawsuit seeks damages for as many as 100 million Instagram users and could add up to $500 billion USD in fines! 💸

Facial recognition is a terribly invasive technology and a major privacy risk. You can change a password if it becomes compromised — you can’t change your face. ⚠️

Unfortunately, this creepy tech is used by all the big social media/tech companies like Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. who use it to identify, locate, and spy on you. 🔍

MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights ensures that we never use facial recognition. Your face is your business, not ours. That’s what the MeWe 2-finger salute across the eyes is all about – it blocks facial recognition! 🔏 👍🏽 🤝

No Ads, No Targeting, No Facial Recognition, NO BS! 💯 🎯

Let’s MeWe! 👍 ❤ 🚀


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