“The Privacy Revolution”

Mark Weinstein  MeWe Admin

My TEDx Talk: “The Privacy Revolution” 🚀
Preserving Free Expression and Democracy Worldwide!

Friends and Members,

As MeWe’s CEO, it is my responsibility together with you, to show the world that social media with No Ads, No Voter Manipulation, No Targeting, No Political Bias, and NO BS, is social done right. Thank goodness for MeWe!

Here’s my “call-to-action” 9-minute TED Talk: 👍

MeWe Member Call to Action: 🙏
PLS share my TED talk with your friends, family, co-workers, and on email, text, your other social networks, etc. Let’s wake up the world! 📢🌍

Here comes MeWe! 👍

Warm Regards, ❤

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