New Movie: “The Social Dilemma”

Mark Weinstein

New Movie: “The Social Dilemma” πŸ“½
Exposes Mass Manipulation by Social Media Giants πŸ€―

Friends and Members,

An important documentary film called “The Social Dilemma” was just released on Netflix. The movie features ex-employees from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc., who tell the truth about shocking and deceptive practices done to their users. πŸ‘€

These giants spy on us and track everything we do.πŸ” They use psychological tricks to keep us addicted to their platforms, and serve us polarizing content that outrages us because that drives higher engagement. πŸ€― They manipulate our newsfeeds, our thoughts, our purchase decisions, and our votes. πŸ˜± Social media was never meant to be this way. πŸ‘Ž

This is why the MeWe Movement is so important. πŸ™Œ I founded MeWe because our privacy and democracy are to be protected and supported, NOT destroyed by these absurd practices.

MeWe is Social Media Done Right – all the great features of social media, without being spied on, targeted, or manipulated to take your money or change your vote. πŸ‘β€

Let’s MeWe! πŸŽŠπŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰

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