MeWe is Social Done Right!

Mark Weinstein 

My Interview on Fox Business: MeWe is Social Done Right! 🎯

Visionary MeWe Members and Friends,

This week I was interviewed on Fox Business’s “The Claman Countdown”, 📺 discussing MeWe’s rapid rise as the new mainstream social network. We talked about how Facebook spies on, targets, and manipulates its users and their purchase decisions, newsfeeds, opinions, and votes. 🤨

I called out the flagrant, unnecessary censorship by Facebook and Twitter of good users for simply expressing opinions that don’t align with the biases of these companies’ executives. 

Here’s the link. Please enjoy and share with your peeps – let’s spread the good word about MeWe! 🙏 👍 ❤

No Ads. No Political Bias. No Targeting. NO BS. 🎯 👊🏽 🤝

Let’s MeWe! 📢❤👍🎉


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