Only the Free Market Can Solve Social Media’s Problems

Mark Weinstein 

NEW MeWe CEO Blog:

Dear MeWe Members,

As the new mainstream of social media, MeWe thrives in the opportunity of the free market worldwide. This is capitalism at work – problems get solved by new companies. The rush for government intervention and regulations actually interfere with the free market. 👎

The premise of capitalism is simple – delight your customers and they will support your company for the short and long term. It is clear that social media must change now before it destroys the bedrocks of free speech, privacy, and democracy. 😠

In my new Medium Blog, I discuss why government regulation is the wrong approach. The only viable answer to the world’s social media dilemma is the free market. MeWe is here! ✍️

Here’s the link – please enjoy and share as you’d like. Many thanks for being part of the MeWe movement! 🙏 📣

Cheers, 🍾



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