Getting started on MeWe

New to MeWe, you might try these few things to help you get started.

To search MeWe use the search field at the top of every MeWe page and use #hashtags. So, say you’d like to find references, groups or pages about The Keto Lifestyle, simply type #Keto then press enter.

To attract the attention of a specific person type an @ sign in front of their name like this @TrinitiChristine. This will create a mention in Triniti’s notifications alerting her to my activity be it a post or a comment.

Make new friends, your Fwordbook buddies are not going to follow you over here, some will, those who can’t tolerate Fwordbook’s abuse but most won’t. So if you want MeWe to work for you you will need to have friends who will populate your timeline and news feed.

Every friend you make counts on MeWe, unlike Fwordbook where what you see is strictly algorithmically controlled and limited to a few random friends, here you will see everything all your friend’s post and they will have the same experience with you.

Use the system, when you become friends with someone new you will be able to decide using the Contact Permissions on their profile (top right) what they see, and what they can post on your timeline.

Join and create groups, MeWe is all about interest groups, one of the quickest ways to get started making friends on MeWe is to join and start groups.

Fill out your profile with a Profile Image, an inspiring Background Photo, and as much detail as you can. People want to know who it is that’s attempting to make friends with them. MeWe is quite secure, you can always deny access to your profile on an individual basis to anyone who seems off or is harassing.

Don’t forget your Privacy and Sharing options, they will help secure your account and also make you searchable if you so desire.

MeWe is great fun but it takes effort to build your MeWeverse, have patience and day by day you will grow something beautiful here, Welcome to MeWe, MeWeian


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