MeWe groups 611

LadyLs_MeWeTips … Here is some basic group 611 to help you use all the groups you are in a little bit easier It also works the same for your home page.

When posting to a group board try to remember to use #keywords & #tags so they are easier to find later

If you need specific information you can use the #Tags feature to filter posts. #YourCityHere for a specific city you are posting about or a #yourfriendsnamehere, #favoritefood etc.

From your laptop or desktop & your phone too just have to know where that looking glass is

**In a group **
STEP 1…Go to the Groups search bar, or on the right look for the groups index box.
STEP 2…Type in the name of whatever you are looking for ie: Bread, cookies, dinner, #bacon, restaurants etc. …The posts concerning your specific request will be pulled up.

Hashtags in a group are like the groups filing cabinet.

Always remember when you guys use #Tags they will show up EVERYWHERE on MeWe if someone does a search for that tag.

So like in The Best of #Arizona group I tag every city I post about so this way when a newbie joins MeWe if they do a search from their home page for say #Phoenix EVERY post that I have written with the word Phoenix in it will come up for them to see, thus telling them about the group & giving them the option to join

It works the same way within the groups, when you search for a keyword from the groups search bar it will pull up every post with that word in it. Tags work the same way here as they do on all those other social media sites.

So when talking about someone ie: #TheDietDr, #TimMcGraw, #Maroon5, or #Roseanne that you would like to see join us here on MeWe always #Tag them so if someone else is looking for them they will see your post and if they themselves do make it here and they search for themselves they will see all the posts that they have been mentioned in.

I hope this helps you all figure out how to master MeWe.

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