Find my groups, Find Me

I have been on #MeWe for over 3 years now when it was still pretty new then & the 1st thing I did once I had my account up & running was look for an #Arizona group since I am 100% Arizonan to the core. I found an un-managed group full of all kinds of things most of which were not AZ related but I did connect to 1 great guy in the group and we decided to start our own.
So now 3 years, 7 groups, 1 business page & a lot of great new friends later I am ready for 20 more great years.

Come on over and have some fun. Find my groups, find me then just say NO to the Fwordbook & the twitt.

Business Page: Or …

My #Arizona Groups Or … Or … Or … Or …

My Other Groups Or… Or … Or …

Other Arizona Groups Or … Or … Or …

Groups I Recommended Or … Or … Or … Or … Or …

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