All Feed" is Here!

Marvelous MeWe Members,

MeWe is all about giving YOU control – and that means giving you total control of your newsfeeds.💪 With our new “All Feed” you see all the posts from your contacts, the pages you follow, and the groups you’re a member of in one awesome feed. 😻You can then use the toggle at the top right corner of your feed (on both desktop 🖥 and mobile📱) and choose if you want to filter your feed so you only see posts from your contacts, pages, or groups. ⚙️

Remember: unlike Facebook, MeWe has NO Newsfeed Manipulation. That means you see 💯% of the posts by your contacts and the pages and groups you choose to connect with. 👀👍

This is the MeWe way – giving you all the awesome features you love, with No Ads, No Targeting and NO BS! 🙌

Let’s MeWe! 

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