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Mark Weinstein – Admin

COVID-19 Update: FREE Private MeWe Groups – For Your Small Business, Teams and Projects 👍

Remarkable MeWe Members,

During these difficult and unprecedented times, MeWe is here to help and support you and your colleagues with private MeWe Groups (always FREE). ❤

MeWe has lots of common-interest Open Groups (more on those tomorrow) and MeWe also gives you FREE private MeWe Groups that can have as many participants as you’d like to invite. These are an awesome way for you to virtually connect and collaborate with everyone at work while carefully social distancing. MeWe Groups are enjoyed by all kinds of communities, projects, and teams, including small businesses. 💼

If you own or work for a small business, private MeWe Groups are the perfect way to supercharge your teamwork during these virtual workdays. MeWe Groups make collaboration fun and engaging with tools that enhance your team’s productivity, connection, and retention. 📈

To Get Started: Simply create a new MeWe Group, then set your group to be private and invitation only, and also you can create specific permissions for all your group members regarding sharing, posting, what they can see, etc. 🎯

MeWe Groups have brilliant, useful features, ALL FREE, including:

✅Sharing files within groups
✅Group newsfeeds
✅Group chats
✅Events within groups
✅Tags within groups to organize categories of posts
✅MeWe Dual-Camera Videos, GIFS, & Much More!

MeWe is your company – you are our MEMBERS TO SERVE, NOT DATA TO TARGET OR SELL. These are difficult and challenging times for everyone worldwide, and MeWe is here to help with the best and most respectful communication technology. 🌎⚡️

Let’s MeWe! ❤ 🙌

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