Facebook Executive Admits: “We Made FB as Addictive as Cigarettes on Purpose”

Mark Weinstein Admin

MeWe Friends,

During a recent USA congressional hearing, Facebook’s former Director of Monetization said that Facebook “took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook, working to make FB as addictive as cigarettes.” 👎

He admitted that “Facebook built algorithms that have facilitated the spread of misinformation, encouraged divisive rhetoric, and laid the groundwork for a mental health crisis.” Now he worries that FB is “pushing us to the brink of a civil war.” Yikes! 🤯

Facebook employs psychologists and data scientists to analyze and manipulate our emotions and purchase decisions. 😨 FB deliberately serves us polarizing content that outrages us. Why? Because that drives higher engagement and more ad revenue. 💸 This high-tech brainwashing is like something straight out of Black Mirror. 😱

It’s time for MeWe, social media done right. 👏 No Targeting, No Algorithms that Boost Inflammatory Content, No Ads, No Manipulation of Our Minds and Newsfeeds, No BS! 👍🏽

Let’s MeWe! 🥁 🌍 📢 ❤


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