Facebook is Building a Device to Read Your Mind

Mark Weinstein 


MeWe Friends and Members,

During my TED Talk earlier this year, I said: “Facebook recently announced it has acquired a start-up designing brain-to-computer interfaces. Why? So that Facebook can read our minds without us having to speak or type a word…what could go wrong?” 🧐

People might have thought I was smoking something . . . 🤪

Now, the world is finding out about Facebook’s creepy, REAL plans to read everyone’s minds. 🧠 The Independent and several other credible publications just reported a leaked audio recording of top Facebook executives – discussing a device FB is developing to scan people’s brains and read their thoughts. 🤯


Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer describes it as “a neural sensor that would translate people’s thoughts into computer commands.” 👀

Here’s my TEDx Talk mentioning this 9 months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoYC4ogezE4

Facebook has a long history of treating its users as guinea pigs in its creepy experiments. For example, in 2012 Facebook was caught manipulating the newsfeeds of 690,000 users, without their consent, to experiment on how it affected their emotions. And this September, a former Facebook executive confessed at a Congressional Hearing “Facebook built algorithms that have facilitated the spread of misinformation, encouraged divisive rhetoric, and laid the groundwork for a mental health crisis.” 😡



Yikes! 😱

#LetsMeWe – No “Mind-Reading” and No BS! ❤👍 🎯

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