A Google, Did you know?

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Hidden map on your phone shows everywhere you’ve been and the photos you took there
Big Tech loves to track us and they have geolocation capabilities built into their respective websites and apps
Now for the bad news.
Did you know that Google has been tracking and recording your every move, including your photos’ location data? If you use Google Photos, prepare to be shocked when you see all the data the company has collected about you.
Unless you specifically turned off location tracking for pictures, every photo you snap will have the location where it was taken stored within its data.
Here is how you can check on the Google Photos app:
-Open the Google Photos app
-In the bottom bar, tap Search
-Under the Places section, tap View All
When opened, the Places section will show you a grouping of all the photos taken in a specific place. If you tap on a folder, it will bring up a map with location dots to show the precise location where you took the photo.
How to turn it off
It is creepy that Google can track your movements without you even knowing it — or giving full consent. Here is how you can turn it off using a PC:

-Open Google Maps and click on Your Timeline.
-At the bottom of the screen, click on Manage Location History.
-This will open your Google account’s Activity Controls page.
If Location History is on, the slider will be blue.
Click on it to turn it off, and it should go gray.
This will prevent Google from tracking any future movements or geotag photos.
There is also an Auto-Delete option, where you can choose a period for location data to be automatically deleted. This ranges from photos older than three months to photos older than 36 months.

To prove this is very true, I have the My Daily Drive collection that shows various maps of my life in the day of a Lyft driver.


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