Facebook + YouTube: “censorship and repression on an industrial scale”

Mark Weinstein 


Members and Friends,

The Guardian just reported: “Facebook and YouTube are complicit in censorship and repression on an industrial scale . . .” FB and YouTube are accused of “openly signaling that they are willing to bow to the wishes of authoritarian regimes.” 👀 😱

The Guardian reports that in Vietnam, the social media giants are even censoring, “peaceful criticism of the state by activists, which is protected under international human rights law.” 🤐 👎

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that Facebook is a “bastion of free expression.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. 🤦♂ In countries all over the world, Facebook is censoring and suppressing good people, along with their posts, groups, and pages.  🌎

This is one of the reasons why MeWe is so important. MeWe is the social network that serves YOU, our members. Not advertisers, politicians, or governments. 💸🚫

MeWe has No Political Bias/Censorship and No BS.

For Social Done Right . . . #LetsMeWe 👍🏽 ❤🙌🚀


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