Moderation on MeWe – from the CEO

Mark Weinstein Admin 

Friends and Members,

In the wake of the terrible violence this week at the USA’s Capitol, people are understandably asking about MeWe’s moderation policies. MeWe’s policies have been the same since it launched in 2016.

At MeWe, we are committed to providing the best social media experience while keeping our members safe and protected. MeWe has a strong Terms of Service designed to keep out lawbreakers, haters, bullies, harassment, violence inciters, etc. We have an outstanding Trust and Safety Team that works hard every day to investigate and remove TOS-violators.

MeWe has a Privacy Bill of Rights for its members, no political agenda, and common sense rules of respect, etiquette, and decency. A member’s politics, lifestyle, race, religion, background, sexual orientation, etc., are none of the company’s business. If members want to have conversations about political points of view, diets, medicine, exercise regimens, supplements, lifestyles, etc., we believe that it is not the job of a social media company to censor those conversations, as long as they stay within the boundaries of MeWe’s TOS.

MeWe is home to upstanding, diverse members, and has ‘open group’ communities of all kinds, including those for sports, technology, entertainment, video games, fitness, health, travel, foodies, politics left and right, and more. MeWe is unlike “anything goes” sites and apps.

As I stated in my December 23 interview with Protocol:
“I think sites where anything goes are terrible. At MeWe we have strict rules in our terms prohibiting content inciting violence, posting hate, bullying, breaking the law, etc. And we have a great Trust and Safety team. We have Report and Block on every post, every profile, every group and every page; and our Trust and Safety team investigates all reports. MeWe is for the good guys. But we’re not going to censor a conversation by conservatives or progressives, or health advocates of one health remedy versus another, simply because their opinion might differ from mine. Why is that any of MeWe’s business?”

I also said this in my November 16, 2020 Newsmax interview:
On my November 17, 2020 Fox Business interview:
And in my May 23, 2020 op-ed in the NY POST:

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, MeWe has no targeting, no newsfeed manipulation, and no way for advertisers, marketers, politicians, or anyone to boost anything to MeWe members. This prevents any information or opinion — false or true — from being broadly promoted. Members need to deliberately seek out information for themselves and cannot be targeted by others who wish to reach and manipulate their thoughts, purchase decisions, or votes.

I discussed this in my June 27, 2019 Wall Street Journal op-ed:

MeWe is for good people everywhere in the world who want a safe, trustworthy and awesome social network where members are respected customers to serve, not data to sell or target.

MeWe is Social Done Right! 👍❤🔏


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