MeWe Premium members!

Jason Hardy 

Happy Wednesday everyone, and a special shout-out to all of our awesome MeWe Premium members! Thank you for your amazing support – this is how we pay for our team and servers to bring you MeWe. 👍 So what exactly is MeWe Premium and why are members loving it?

MeWe’s pledge to you: No Ads, No Targeting, No Newsfeed Manipulation, and NO BS. 🚫 MeWe is 100% member-supported. So the revenue to run MeWe comes directly from you, our members. Thank you! 🙏 MeWe’s honorable business model protects you and your privacy, plain and simple. You are our customers to serve – not data to share, target, or sell to advertisers, marketers, or politicians. 🤝

All the features you need to have a great MeWe experience are always Free Forever, AND there are cool optional Premium Features. MeWe Premium gives you all the best premium MeWe features bundled together for the low price of $4.99 USD per month.

MeWe Premium Gives You:
Video Journals for your Stories 🤳

Unlimited Voice and Video Calling 📱

Unlimited Custom Emojis + Stickers (that are $1.99 or less) 👽

Unlimited Custom Themes ✨

100GB of MeWe Cloud Storage (8GB is Free) ☁️

The cool MeWe Premium Profile Badge 💎

Try it for 30 Days FREE on us! Here’s how to get started with MeWe Premium today:
On Mobile: Click on your “More” tab (bottom right corner, circle icon) then select “MeWe Store” and choose MeWe Premium
On Desktop: Go to – and select MeWe Premium
Via Weekly Pop-Up: Click the Orange Button at the bottom of the pop-up

You are our only customer, we’re here to serve and delight you! ❤ 🤝

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  1. MeWe does censor content. In fact, I wrote an article explaining why I believe that my elderly parents were eliminated through use of the flu shot. Nobody on either side of our family ever had it and they both ended up with alzheimers at the same time, right after getting that shot. MeWe immediately removed my account, and any account that I try to create is removed within a few minutes. I have always been a premium member and joined shortly after hearing that Google Plus would be ending.


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