Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok Investigated Over Privacy Concerns

Mark Weinstein 


Hey Everyone,

The USA government just announced a major investigation into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, TikTok, and other tech giants. These companies are being investigated for their tracking, collection, and exploitation of their users’ personal data. They’re also being investigated for how their “privacy practices affect children and teens.” 👀😱


These giants are all “Surveillance Capitalist” companies. They profit by harvesting their users’ personal data and sharing/selling it to advertisers, marketers, and politicians who then use it to target these companies’ users. 👎💸

MeWe is the Antidote to Surveillance Capitalism. All the great features of social media along with the industry’s first Privacy Bill of Rights giving you total control of your data, newsfeeds, and privacy. 👍

MeWe’s business model is founded upon true Capitalism – serving and delighting you as our customers; and not as data to share, target or sell! 🤝🔏 https://mewe.com/privacy#bill

No Ads, No Targeting, No Data Mining, No Facial Recognition, No Newsfeed Manipulation, No BS! ❤🙌🥳


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